Military mosquito net

Military mosquito net


1.100%polyester,100denier, 75denier,50denier,156mesh,225mesh, green、black or other colors, 
 size:220×120×160cm,or we can make your size
2.Treated with deltamethrin(25-45mg/m2), permethrin(25-45mg/m2), alpha-cypermethrin(200mg/m2).can  last for 5 years, 20washes. Apply to WHO standard.
3. Packing:inner-polybags, outer-compressed woven bag or carton.
Military mosquito net is impregnated with an odourless and biodegradable insecticide called deltamethrin that is mixed in a resin, coating the netting fibres. A progressive release of insecticide from the resin guarantees retention of the net's efficacy even after 20 washes.
our bed net is environment-friendly as it reduces the total exposure of insecticide in the environment. This bed net requires no re-treatment or dipping and a dirt repellent feature has been added to keep it clean longer.
we has a WHOPES (World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) recommendation, which declares it safe and effective for the prevention and control of malaria and other vector-borne diseases.

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